Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP)


Under the Penang Transport Master Plan the people of Penang have been presented with the SRS proposal and the Zenith BUCG plan that will change our lives in a big way. Investment in transport infrastructure can have significant positive impacts, but if done badly can have hugely negative and irreversible consequences. 

The Penang state government is proposing a ‘Big Bang’ approach combining seven different modes of transportation – roads, LRT, monorail, tram, Bus Rapid Transit/feeder buses, cable cars and water transportation, funded by reclaiming more the 4,000 acres of land. While effort has been made to engage the public through a series of briefing sessions and it has created a website, actual information is limited, questions submitted via the website are not answered and the extensive studies conducted by both SRS and Zenith BUCG have not been made available. 

Civil society has urged the government to release the full reports produced by both the SRS and Zenith BUCG Consortium to allow more in-depth analysis and discussion. Penang Forum has taken the initiative to produce this website with the purpose of encouraging greater public discussion on a topic of utmost significance.

“PTMP will change the atmosphere of Penang forever” Photo by Alsmie Alias

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