The alternative Transport plan for Penang Island

Penang Forum suggests a simplified, less intrusive master plan that serves critical areas with high-ridership potential


  • A single, integrated light rail based public transport system where vehicles can travel anywhere on the network, increasing connectivity and accessibility; 
  • A system of mixed grade and elevated running light rail keeps the large scale infrastructure to a minimum, significantly reducing construction cost and also construction time along with the associated negative impacts (social, economic);
  • A single light rail based public transport system with significantly lower operational costs (maintenance, depot and staffing);

Less Intrusive

  • A system that requires less raised infrastructure and employs ground based power systems as required (20%) results in 40% less tree cutting, retaining Penang’s natural heritage.
  • An at-grade system is quieter, lighter and more flexible for future expansion.
  • A system which connects all major transit points, including water based transit, more major developments and major trip generators and many more high density housing areas, including affordable housing areas;

Its not uncommon for a modern tram to run along elevated sections where there is no space on the ground.

For the Komtar to the Airport we are proposing a high capacity tram with mixed grade and elevated sections, with the entire route having an exclusive right of way – no mixed traffic street-running sections are proposed. The grade running sections would be exclusively within the road reserve along the same alignment where the SRS proposal indicates elevated rails for LRT (see below alignment from SRS). Along the Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway, a total of only 4 intersections would need to be adjusted to accommodate trams, 3 of which are already signalised, and none of which have any pedestrian access.  

How a modern tram may look on the Lim Chong Eu highway
How a modern tram may look at the SPICE Arena
How a modern tram may look along Burma Road

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