An Alternative Route

Penang Forum proposes simple yet effective routes for trams within the vicinity of George Town

SRS have proposed a heritage tram for George Town to complement the existing Central Area Transit service. This is proposed to run from Carnarvon Street (a 300m walk from the proposed Sia Boey transport hub) to Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal as a single track.

It is not clear if there will be any passing points to allow trams to run both in directions, potentially giving rise to the scenario where you must wait for the tram to pass in one direction, reach the end of its track and return, before you can board to reach your intended destination.

This is not a public transport system.

SRS’ proposal
Penang Forum’s proposed city centre routes

Penang Forum would propose a city centre loop which is connected to the main hub at Komtar Walk to increase public transport connectivity in the centre of George Town. This one way loop would cover a significantly larger area of the World Heritage Site, and would, using the same single system, allow trams to travel from anywhere on the network into the heart of the city.

Illustration of the tram running beside the road at Esplanade

Traveling along Carnarvon Street into Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling the alignment would turn right along Light Street connecting the Street of Harmony, the courts, town hall/city hall and Fort Cornwallis to the network. Continuing past the Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal, along Weld Quay the alignment would turn into Chulia Street and continue until Penang Road, revisiting the historical trams lines of the city before reaching the Komtar Walk hub. 

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