Alternative Plan for Penang Mainland

Penang Forum proposes BRT routes in Mainland penang, which can eventually evolve into tramways, unifying Penang’s public transportation

  • A much more comprehensive BRT system linking the major urban areas of the mainland with key connectivity points in the system, strengthening linkages between the mainland and theĀ island;
  • The Raja Uda to Bukit Mertajam Monorail which at RM6bn and with no suggested timeline for implementation should be converted into a BRT line directly from Raja Uda to Penang Sentral;
  • A new BRT alignment to Batu Kawan should be developed along the west of the North-South Highway, connecting upcoming residential areas with key industrial and leisure centres.
  • Bukit Mertajam BRT to connect key urban areas with Penang Sentral, complementing the KTM service.
  • Additional BRT connection from Batu Kawan to Penang Airport/FIZ.
A BRT vehicle

By creating an exclusive, segregated right of way for the BRT wherever possible on the mainland, it becomes very simple in the future to expand the tram network onto the mainland, giving Penang one single public transit system. So eventually you can get board a tram in Butterworth and alight in Tanjung Tokong, or board a tram at the airport and alight in Raja Uda.

A modern tramway which can evolve from the BRT in the future

A segregated BRT on the mainland, over time becomes a modern tram, giving Penang a single integrated transport system

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