Lack of transparency

For a government committed to CAT governance (Competence, Accountability and Transparency), there is a lack of clarity with regard to the entire scheme. What are the people of Penang being committed to?

For one thing, how will payment via reclamation work? Will they implement roads first and public transport last? When is the public transport on the mainland going to be built? What happens if we run out of funds after the initial stages? Will the public be subjected to unaffordable fares, thereby making them return to their cars? Questions are being asked, but few answers are being provided.

With massive highway projects but no clear funding for public transport, what happens?

Basic information is being withheld

  • Why are only selected, and not all, Halcrow reports available on the Transport Master Plan website?
  • Why are the voluminous studies prepared by SRS Consortium not available for the public to view?
  • Why is the Zenith BUCG feasibility study available for Barisan Nasional to view, but not the people of Penang?

Why are there no visualisations of the projects being proposed?

  • How is the layman supposed to understand the impact of a project from a line on a map?
  • What will the elevated highway along Gottlieb Road look like?
  • Where are the visuals of what is being proposed?
  • What will the Sia Boey transport hub look like?
  • What will the elevated highway over the Youth Park look like?
  • What will the underground and elevated sections of the Penang Inner/Outer Ring Road, and the North Coast Paired Road look like?
  • What will a double deck highway along Jalan Perak look like?
One visual of a proposed elevated LRT station. Many others are lacking.

There remains a lack of transparency about the financing

  • What are the costs of each component proposed by the SRS and Zenith BUCG consortiums?
  • What are the operating and maintenance costs for each component?
  • How has the budget gone from RM27bn to RM46bn before it’s even started?

Why can the Penang state government not supply a detailed breakdown of the entire Transport Master Plan budget, including both the SRS and Zenith BUCG components, outlining to what extent the projected costs are covered by projected land sales and land swaps, and if there is any projected shortfall, what is the current plan to fill this gap. Do the Penang public not have a right to know?

Penang Forum representatives discuss and demonstrate some of the controversial alignment of proposed highways.

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