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Penang Forum propose an integrated transport network across the whole state based on modern generation trams and Bus Rapid Transit. On the island, the LRT and monorail would be substituted with 3 modern tram lines and a tram connection across the channel to the mainland. On the mainland the proposed monorail and single BRT line would be substituted with 4 BRT lines, complementing the KTM rail network. 

In summary, a modern tram and BRT system would be a better option for Penang, this is what the transport planning consultant recommended. It would also be significantly cheaper and faster to build. A combination of a single integrated network of modern trams with BRT can adequately cater to both the island and the mainland’s needs. It can be delivered at half the price and can be delivered twice as fast as the SRS proposal.


  • Because it is more accessible for all;
  • Has a smaller footprint and is friendlier to the  environment;
  • Is quieter and produces less vibrations;
  • Is flexible and much easier to expand in the future.


  • No more than half the price to build, saving up to RM16bn of our money;
  • Two to three times cheaper to operate and maintain, saving your children from having to bail it out in the future;
  • Cheaper to expand on the island and to the mainland.


  • A modern tram and BRT system is twice as fast to construct and can be built on the island and the mainland at the same time;
  • A system built twice as fast means half the disruption to daily life;
  • No need to wait until 2030 for SRS to get round to completing their proposal.

What is PTMP?

Investment in transport infrastructure can have significant positive impacts, but if done badly can have hugely negative and irreversible consequences. 

What is PIL?

While PIL’s original plan was to alleviate congestion in some major areas in Penang Island, the proposed alignment suggests it to be the main travel route for future residents of the South Reclamation Project (Penang South Islands).

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